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This time we addressed all our lovely audience from namma Bengaluru!

Its been quite a while we have been doing our webinars across different parts in India. 

We must agree, this Bangalore audience was one of the most interactive and dynamic.

As always we have listed down below the most asked questions in the webinar so that it might benefit our readers as well!

So, lets begin!

Q. Are varicose veins stockings same as compression stockings?

Class II compression stockings (23-32 mm Hg) are usually referred to as Varicose veins stockings.

Q. What do you mean by compression class?

 Graduated medical compression stockings apply graduated compression to the legs. This compression level/grade decides the amount of compression given by that product.

As per RAL standards we have 3 compression classes or grades.

Class I (18-21 mm Hg)

Class II (23-32 mm Hg)

Class III (34-46 mm Hg)

Q Which is the best compression stockings in Bangalore?

While choosing to buy compression stockings, you need to keep in mind the fabric (You will be wearing it for 8 hours +, it needs to be comfortable), Fit (So that you get the right compression) and yes the pocket friendliness

Sorgen Compression Stockings are best compression stockings in Bangalore as they are extremely comfortable (Oeko-tex certified), 30000+ customers have loved us for our fit. (We have instructional videos for exact size measurement). and they are available at very economical rates.

Q. How do I decide on the right compression level for me?

Different levels of compression are recommended depending on the extent of problem. However your medical practitioner shall decide the right compression for you

Q. How long can I use one pair of compression stockings for?

Ideally, you need to change your pair of compression stockings once in 3-4 months. As you keep wearing the compression stockings, the compression level will not remain the same.

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