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Having been in the compression stockings industry for more than a decade and servicing more than 30000+ happy customers, one of the most frequently asked question is " How to choose the right compression stockings for me?"

So in our webinar today, we shall understand the same in 4 simple steps

Step 1: Graduated compression stockings is what you need.

The market is flooded with many compression stockings right from Rs 200 to Rs 6000. You need to look our for graduated compression stockings.

Graduated compression stockings apply maximum pressure at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the calf/thigh.

Wearing uniform compression stockings is absolutely of no use to as they will not help push the blood back to heart and relieve you from the discomfort you face.

Step 2: Choose for the correct compression level/grade

Graduated compression stockings are classified in 3 levels depending on the compression level they provide. You need to be wearing the right compression based on the leg condition you have.

Your doctor/Medical practitioner is the right person to tell you the correct class/grade of compression.

Wearing a wrong compression level may worsen your condition.

We can proudly say the Sorgen range of compression stockings are the only brand in India which offers all the compression levels.

Step 3:  Choosing the right size

Sizing, is one of the most crucial aspects of choosing the right compression stockings. Wearing an incorrect size compression stockings will not only cause discomfort but will also not provide the exact compression needed.

Please follow the sizing instructions carefully and choose the correct size

Step 4: Choosing the right fabric or material

 The fabric is one of the most crucial part of choosing the right compression stockings. Compression stockings are usually worn for the active hours of the day (8 Hours+). You need to have a comfortable yet effective material for this.

Synthetic ones are usually more economical but there would be a slight trade-off when it comes to sweat absorption.

Egyptian cotton ones are most comfortable but are slightly on the expensive side.

The most ideal will be a microfiber based compression stockings which is extremely conducive to the Indian market and is very economical.

The Sorgen Royale is the most preferred by our customers

The top questions of our webinar are

Q. Which is the best compression stockings in India?


Well, there are about 40+ brands in the market today. Having spend a over a decade in this industry and having serviced over 30000 customers we can proudly say Sorgen has emerged as the best compression stockings in India.

This encouragement has taken us to build Sorgen as a global brand today. Sorgen is now a registered brand in the USA as well.

Q. Should I choose a knee length or thigh length?

Depending on your area of concern the length of the stockings is decided. Your medical practitioner is the best judge for this.

Q. How frequently should I change my compression stockings?

Ideally you need to change your compression stockings every 3-4 months as the compression level will not remain the same.

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