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Today we are addressing our audience in the capital city of Tamil Nadu- Chennai.

Let me tell you a personal experience with a lovely customer from Mylapore, Chennai

This lady, 78, was an independent person who stayed alone at her home in Mylapore. She found us online, asked our support team some queries and then ordered the product all by herself!! Wow so so proud of her.

And you the cherry on the icing? Post receiving the stockings, she called us back just to thank us. Such a motivating gesture!

So yes, Sorgen Compression Stockings loves Chennai

Moving on....

1 in 3 customers ask us the importance of the compression level. Do can't we just wear any class? Can we swap classes? etc etc

So, we decide to talk on this topic today.

Let us understand how does compression stockings work?


Compression class or compression grade I:

Pressure level: Mild compression 18-21 mmHg at the ankle.

Class I or grade I stockings are usually worn when:

1. For a feeling of tired and heavy legs
2. Early venous insufficiency (weakness)
3. Mild varicose veins without pronounced oedema
4. For varicose veins in pregnancy
5. For so called “spider veins”
6. After sclerosis of varicose veins

Compression class or compression grade II:

Pressure level: Moderate compression 23-32 mmHg at the ankle.

Class II or grade II stockings are usually worn when:

1. For more serious symptoms
2. For more marked varicose veins or moderate oedema
3. After healing of minor ulcers
4. After sclerosis and surgery for varicose veins
5. After deep vein thrombosis
6. In cases of insufficiency (weakness) of the valves in the deep veins

Compression class or compression grade III:

Pressure level: High compression 34-46 mmHg at the ankle.

Class III or grade III stockings are usually worn when:

1. For chronic venous insufficiency (Stage I and II)
2. Pronounced oedema
3. Atrophie blanche
4. Dermatosclerosis
5. After resolution of severe ulcers

Important note: Please consult your doctor on regular intervals before renewing your pair of compression stockings as your medical condition might need a different class of stockings over the period of time. Using wrong compression might worsen your condition.

Questions & Answers

Q. Can Choosing a bigger size lower the compression

If you wear a compression stockings which is not your size and is bigger, you will not get the exact compression you need. It will lower the compression. This does not means a Class II stockings worn in a bigger size will be Class I.

Q. How is the compression level measured

All Sorgen compression stockings are tested using MST technology- World's finest device to measure the compression level.

Q. What will happen if I wear a compression level that is not meant for me?

You might land up causing more damage to your body



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