Why you need to wear Compression Stockings In Pregnancy?


The reasons for the development range from hormonal changes to increased flow of blood throughout the body. These hormonal changes also result in increased coagulability of blood and results in fluids getting deposited in the lower body parts of expectant mothers. Compression socks can however reverse the effects and keep your legs healthy and optimally supplied throughout the period of pregnancy and even beyond.

Pregnancy is a strange period when you can actually see your body change, stretch itself and adapt to its normal outcome. Apart from the belly bulge, you might also see your legs getting swollen, stretch marks all over your face and other symptoms that will make you apprehensive of your looks in the future.

Staying healthy and active isn’t the solution for everything during these periods. However, medical innovations have ensured that mothers can continue to look young even after giving birth.

Common problems associated with legs during pregnancy

Pregnancy brings in a sea of changes, both inside and outside the body. Leg health and venous problems are getting quite common across the globe and mothers complain about tired aching legs, swollen feet, and an overall feeling of heaviness in their lower body. The frequency of these symptoms depends upon a number of factors, including:

1. Presence of a venous condition before pregnancy
2. History of varicose diseases in the family
3. Prolonged sitting and standing position during the pregnancy period
4. Lack of adequate exercising during pregnancy
5. Second or third time pregnancy

How pregnancy affects our circulatory system

Pregnancy gives room to several hormonal changes in a woman’s body but this can have a profound effect on our veins and the overall circulatory system. While the amount of blood flowing through our body increases by as much as 50%, a higher secretion of progesterone causes the veins to dilate and also become less elastic.

The vein conditions continue across the post-partum period (birth) and until the body’s hormonal levels come back to normal.

How does compression therapy help?

Graduated compression therapy using compression stocking hosiery has proved to be the best way to tackle swelling and edema. It also reduces leg pain and the feeling of heaviness while contributing to prevent the development of varicose veins or spider veins.

Graduated compression hosiery meets the need of high pressure points in the ankles and feet region and the grip loosens up as we go up the leg. According to several clinical studies, this graduated compression can relive a woman from the symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency both during and after pregnancy.

When should you be wearing compression stockings?

A decade earlier, compression stockings were a thing of the elderly, it was commonly addressed to meet the therapeutic needs of the ageing men and women. However, graduated compression was soon found out to be a strong cure for venous diseases, especially experienced during pregnancy.

Compression stockings are even being worn by women in their teens today. The sedentary lifestyle of today makes these special stockings even more applicable to the daily wardrobe. During pregnancy, it has become popular advice by doctors across the globe, especially for those women prone to leg swelling and edema. Afterall, who wants to spend all day with their feet getting heavy?

Graduated compression stockings also add to your style quotient. While your legs look and stay slim and streamlined, the health benefits will make you feel more comfortable, energetic and fresh all throughout the day. Moms can always use a bit of extra energy! However, it is necessary that you consult your physician before opting for this medical grade hosiery.

Staying healthy and strong during pregnancy

Being able to walk around and do the regular chores during the pregnancy period is a huge advantage. Here are five ways to take care of your legs:

1. Staying active is being healthy. Avoid sitting or standing in the same position for a longer duration. Walk around!
2. Regular amount of moderate exercise will ensure that your stay fit, your blood circulation is maintained, you have good sleep and you look good. Mothers are always recommended to take regular walks, swim or hike through the forest!
3. Use graduated compression hosiery to promote blood circulation and improving metabolism.
4. When resting, keep your legs in a slightly elevated position. Try putting a cushion under your calf muscles.
5. Avoid prolonged exposure to heat as high temperatures induce swelling and faster dilation of veins.

Top reasons to wear compression stockings in pregnancy

1. Enhance your physical output, improved workouts, improve endurance, maximize heart rate, reduce blood lactate level and minimize post workout soreness
2. Speeding post workout recovery with faster and better channelized blood circulation
3. Reduce ankle swelling and feet pain
4. Recover from spider veins and varicose issues
5. Continuous and soft massage to leg muscles to avoid cramping and aching
6. Prevents DVT and venous insufficiency
7. Checks peripheral edema (swelling)

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