Why is Sorgen Support Socks for Doctors, Nurses and Para-Medical staff the best marketing input?



Did you know 1 in 2 Healthcare professionals suffer from tired and aching legs?

Doctors, Surgeons, O.T nurses and the hospital staff are on the feet whole day long due to the hectic work schedule getting a little time to rest on their feet.

This is a common occupational health hazard which all the Doctors face over a period of time which may further lead to varicose veins & DVT.

Sorgen Support socks are graduated compression support socks. That means these socks provide maximum pressure at the ankle which decreases towards the calf thereby helping the backward flow of blood back to the heart.

This helps in relieving pain, fatigue and swelling and may help reduce the risk of DVT


Compression support socks are very widely known in the west. India as a country is still in a very nascent stage. It is the medical compression stockings, which has the same fundamental principle of graduated compression therapy used for varicose veins, Post-DVT, Sclerotherapy etc that are more commonly known and accepted today.

Since it is still very unheard of, it is a totally unique product in itself.


By wearing these regularly, the quality of leg health increases exponentially which otherwise was hampered by inevitable long hours standing or sitting.

Sorgen support socks for healthcare experts are manufactured using the latest technology and are tested using MST Technology. They are manufactured according to the RAL standards of compression.

These socks follow a very different technology for manufacturing which is very different from our traditional concept of socks.

Economically viable:

A marketing input may qualify all the above said points, but being economically viable for the company is the most important.

Without any doubt Sorgen support socks for healthcare experts are expensive in comparison to the traditional socks. But economies of scale give us the advantage to give it as a marketing input at the price of a traditional pair of socks

With all the new guidelines coming into place, Sorgen Support Socks for Doctors, Nurses and Para-Medical staff has just the exact amount of all that you want in a perfect marketing input

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