Symptoms of Gut Imbalance


Have you ever wondered that your gut affects so many factors in the the body , moreover than just the gut related symptoms.

The gut is impacted via  the vagus nerve when it comes to the gut brain connection , so anything from the outside world namely pollution, pollen , dust can impact gut inside out and lead to immune responses

The immune system which lies within the gut almost about 70 to 80 percent which when over reactive or irritated due to constant insults can lead to several reactions which may present themselves as  non- gut ( digestive)  related symptoms. 

Given below are symptoms that affect the gut:

 On the skin as : Skin rashes, acne, itching, redness , patches 

 On the joints as :Stiff joints , pain in the back, neck and knee joints or joint pockets first thing in the morning or when sitting for long , pain discomfort and reduced joint motility 

 On moods as Mood disorders, being aggressive, edgy, feeling irritated, upset or low or depressed without reason are also signs of a gut imbalance 

 On trying to lose weight: Trying to lose the weight and not able to do so, even whilst the diet and exercise is not in place

 On headaches : Headaches, migraines, heaviness of the head , after long meal gaps or after eating a meal or specific foods  or allergens  

 As Sleeping issues : such as disturbed sleep , sleep quality, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, difficulty to fall asleep , gerd or sleeping related reflux 

As Breathing issues :Breathing changes, wheezing , allergic rhinitis , sinusitis, heavy breath after eating certain foods 

As  Stomach issues :Alternative or either or presentation of constipation and diarrhoea alternatively leads to an issue , from having to clear once a day, to more time in passing stool , to three to four loose less well formed stools are sign that the symptom is not ok , gas and bloating and acidity

By working on the five step protocol for gut health , one can be able to work around their gut health and gut healing.

By Ms.Jhanvi Chitalia

Guest Author

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