Roll Out Your Back with Foam Roller


Foam Roller – The home remedy to your muscle soreness!

The Foam Roller is used to warm up before training and boosts recovery by helping deep massage tissues. The foam has built-in grooves and bumps which enables support to the muscles and releases tension in them.

Let’s understand back pain and its impact

With age and sedentary lifestyle, back pain sets in. It is the discomfort felt on your back, which typically originates from the bones, muscles, nerves, joints, or other structures in the spine. Back pain may occur suddenly, or it may progress gradually.

Initially, the pain starts dull, or it can be acute, with piercing-like feeling or burning sensation. The pain may radiate towards the hands as well as legs and may include symptoms other than pain, including weakness, tingling, or numbness.

The National Institute of Health estimates that “80% of adults will experience low back pain at some point in their lives.”

Back problems are not limited to older people; it has also affected people in the corporate world. Therefore, it is essential to take care of your back posture; limiting stress on it, to maintain your rigidity.

Causes of back pain

Back pain can be caused by aging, muscle soreness, sprains/strains, trauma/injuries, bad posture. Even a sedentary lifestyle like sitting or standing for long hours, improper lifting, or carrying heavyweight, obesity, lack of muscle tone, pregnancy can impact your back negatively.

One of the best methods to overcome back pain is using the Foam Roller in the “Right Way.” Initially, you may feel uncomfortable using the Foam Roller. This changes over time. The more you roll your muscles, the better you will feel.


For Lower Back Pain:

  • Sit down on the foam roller
  • Keep your knees bent
  • Place your feet flat on the floor
  • Place your hands behind you on the floor
  • Cross your right leg over left leg (forming a figure of 4)
  • Now, rotate your hips to the right till you find a tender or tight spot in your hip or glute
  • Slowly and gradually move your hips forward and backward to massage those tight or tender areas
  • Repeat the same procedure with your left side

For Upper Back Pain: 

Prolonged hours of sitting can cause stiffness of back muscles. This can lead to poor posture, weak shoulders, and upper back pain. Using a Foam Roller, these can be avoided.

  • Lie down on the floor with knees bent as shown above
  • Place foam roller perpendicular to torso behind you
  • Lie back on the foam roller and roll along your upper back moving it on your shoulder blades. This gets your shoulder blades out of the way, exposing tight muscles and thereby removing the stiffness.
  • Raise your butt so that your feet and the foam roller supports your weight.
  • Touch your elbow together
  • Move your hips up and down to roll along your upper back

In case of severe pain, it is advisable to consult the doctor.

Add to cart a foam roller and say goodbye to backaches and pain!




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