My thigh-high compression stockings keep rolling down. What can I do?


#1. Check on the silicone band

Choose compression stockings with flat wide silicone band for better grip on your thighs. The silicone band needs special care every week or biweekly. Clean the band using rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball. This will remove any residue that might have built up on the silicone beads that washing might not remove. A clean silicone band will fit your legs longer.

#2. Wash your compression stockings

Your stockings need to be washed frequently to clean the fabric of oil, dirt and sweat. Wearing them, the elastic threads can wear out. When you wear stockings that have not been washed in a long time, the elastic threads remain worn out. Wash them with care and they’ll be tight as new.

#3. Improperly fitted

A common reason why stockings slide down is because you might not be spreading them evenly on your legs. Compression stockings are tight, and we understand that putting them on can be difficult. People tend to stretch the upper part to reach the mid-thigh than leaves the lower portion creased and uneven. This causes the stockings to slide down.

You are provided with a glider to be used every time you put your stockings on to wear them evenly. Our ‘how to wear compression stockings’ video shows you how to do it correctly.

#4. Double check your size

If the compression stockings are new, yet they’re rolling down, you might not be wearing the right size. Follow the sizing guide or ask us for assistance while measuring your size.

#5. Decreased swelling? Gained or lost weight?

Compression stockings don’t change expand or contract as much as your body. Remeasure your leg often to ensure your stocking continues to be the right size for you.

When people first start wearing stockings, their legs are swollen. Wearing them over time, the swelling reduces, and it is possible that fit into one size smaller making the stockings roll down.

If the size of the stockings is right, and none of the above solutions worked – use body adhesives or garter belts to help keep your stockings in place.

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