Microfiber vs. Cotton – Which of these is better for you?


Seems tough to choose? Not to worry. We help you choose the right fabric for your compression stockings. We have already narrowed it down to two fabrics – Microfiber and Cotton. The remaining of the blog will cover what the two materials are, and then compare them both.




Compression stockings made of microfiber, as the name suggests, are finely woven fibers. Microfibers are made in the lab from polyester and nylon polymers or even wood pulp. Microfiber compression stockings are thin, strong and extremely smooth and comfortable.


Compression stockings made of cotton; a natural material is known for its softness. As longer cotton fibers have the quality of being softer and smoother compared to shorter cotton fibers, 100 percent Egyptian cotton is the best quality around.



Cotton has been used for as far as history can trace back to the use of fabric; however, microfiber is much more modern fabric that has garnered popularity in a short while. But are microfiber compression stockings as good as cotton, or even better? Let’s find out.

Comfort and Feel

Each has his/her preference in comfort. Microfiber compression stockings have a smooth feel. They are thin and light-weight, a good option for the upcoming summer season. In addition, microfiber is a flexible fabric, making the stockings even more comfortable.

Fine cotton compression stockings provide a high degree of comfort. The feel from these stockings can be best described as soft and silky.


Microfiber compression stockings are made from fine fibers. When they come together, they combine to gain good strength. They are prone to tearing during hard washing; hence, you must follow the washing instructions.

Cotton compression stockings are also strong from the increased number of threads and cotton fibers in them. The lower the number of thread count, the higher the quality and strength.


Care requirements of microfiber and cotton fabrics are nearly the same. They can be washed with household items.

An important difference in taking caring for these materials is the amount of washing required. If there is a stain on your microfiber compression stockings, it is easier to remove it as the thread fibers in microfiber is closely packed preventing stains from setting deep within them. Also, microfiber dries up to three times faster than cotton as it doesn’t retain much water.

On the other hand, stains are slightly more difficult to remove in cotton compression stockings as it soaks in the stains deep within them.


Premium microfiber compression stockings cost lesser that premium cotton ones.


Deciding which fabric comes down to personal preference. Choose microfiber compression stockings if you are looking for low-cost, easy maintenance, overall good comfort and breathability.

If you don’t mind spending more on 100 percent Egyptian cotton made compression stockings as it is elegant and durable, you can go for it.

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