Medical Compression Arm Sleeves Vs. Performance Compression Arm Sleeves



Medical Compression Arm Sleeves

If it is a medical purpose, the criteria to select compression sleeves are different. Doctors usually recommend medical compression arm sleeves to treat varicose veins, lipoedema, lymphedema, and certain vascular conditions and after surgeries.

When you choose a compression arm sleeve for medical treatment, an important factor is the amount of compression that each sleeve offers. The compression level is rated in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). Your doctor will recommend the compression level based on the severity of your condition and other factors.

Another factor to consider while choosing medical compression sleeves is comfort. Since you may need to wear them all day for a long period, it is best to get a breathable fabric. Be sure to know the fabric to choose as the wrong fabric can leave your skin irritated.

The color of the sleeves may be important to you as well. If you want to hide these sleeves under your clothing, prefer beige or skin colored sleeves.


Performance Compression Arm Sleeves  

Performance compression arm sleeves are designed to cater for athletic purposes. Sports that require more endurance such as running is spent outside in the sun. While choosing an arm sleeve, the level of compression should be right and preferably provide UV protection. A sport like a baseball would require you to maintain a fluctuating arm temperature; whereas a basketball player would need elbow padding in his compression sleeves to prevent elbow injury.



Medical compression arm sleeves and performance arm sleeves provide high support and increase blood circulation with graduated compression. Compression sleeves help reduce blood pooling, swelling and promotes faster recovery. However, medical compression sleeves are used for treatment while performance compression sleeves are used to boost athletic performance.

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