Let’s build up immunity with some breathing exercises


Did you know that we can clear 80 percent of the toxins from our body by correct breathing?

Our cells cannot regenerate without oxygen. Breathing is the most efficient way to get oxygen into our bodies. Practicing deep breaths help our immune system regenerate cells to battle disease, viruses, and any ailments that affect us.

Specific breathing exercises have shown to strengthen the efficiency of our immune system significantly. We will cover one such beneficial exercise in this post.

Good air quality and deep breathing help your immunity. Routinely practicing deep breathing exercises can improve your overall immune system.

Your starting position -

Come to sit in a comfortable, cross-legged position such as Sukhasana (relaxed pose), placing padding under your seat as necessary. If sitting on the floor isn't feasible, then sit on a chair.

Maintain an eye-level distance of 40-60 cm from your phone. (Wear specs if you generally use for reading to avoid eye strain)


Steps (Kindly read all points then complete) -

  • Start from the center dot and inhale (through your nose) with the flow of the arc 
  • Once you reach the center dot at the crossing point, start exhaling (from the mouth) following the flow of the arc till you reach the center dot again
  • Repeat step 1 and 2 for five cycles
  • Then close your eyes and imagine an arc.

Repeat steps 1-2-3 (so that you can practice later and master them without the visual feedback)

Repeat steps 1-2-3-4 for 5 mins.

Benefits from this exercise:

It focuses on the idea of "equal" breaths, meaning that your inhalation lasts for the same amount of time as your exhalation (sama vritti).

It is said that breathing out (sama vritti) promotes balance and evenness in the natural flow of consciousness. This enhanced level of equilibrium can help reduce agitation and anxiety.

You have more control over your breathing pattern. Due to the visual feedback you can see and judge the balance between your inhalation and exhalation flow.


Dr. Shivani Prakash Pandey

Guest Blogger

Physiotherapist (mpt)

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