Knee Length or Thigh High Compression Stockings: What is the best length for you


Knee High Compression Stockings

As the name implies, knee-high compression stockings reach just below the knee. Your doctor may prescribe you a pair to treat medical problems in your lower legs. Compression stockings are recommended to alleviate symptoms like varicose veins, aching and swelling feet or other circulation issues in your lower legs.

They work by exerting graduated pressure throughout your lower legs to circulate blood and relax muscles effectively. However, since graduated pressure is only applied to the lower leg, knee-high compression stockings are only beneficial to those who have problems where the stockings cover.

Apart from medical needs, knee-high compression stockings are recommended to athletes or travelers experiencing swelling, tiredness, and pain in the lower legs. Whether you’re flying for 4 hours or like to run, slipping on a pair of our knee-high compression stockings is a great way to help prevent the side effects.

Thigh High Compression Stockings

Your ankles and calves are not the only parts of your legs that could use compression therapy. Your knees, quadriceps, and hamstrings may need it too. Thigh-high compression stockings offer greater benefits.

If you have spider or varicose veins behind your knees or in your thighs — you can ease them with thigh-high stockings. Compression can prevent, treat or reduce the appearance of these veins. As most of your leg is covered —the graduated pressure is applied to a greater part of your legs, thigh-high compression stockings are beneficial to those who have problems up to the mid-thigh.

If you experience swelling or above the knee, shorter compression stockings such as the knee-length won’t be able to address it. As thigh-high length covers the up to the mid-thigh, thigh-high compression stockings can help reduce swelling in areas that cannot be reached by knee-length stockings.

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