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Serious illness left Ravi in a tough spot

“I was in a panic because I needed a Rib Belt and could not find any my size.” 

There are challenges that arise unexpectedly. One such customer, Ravi Dwivedi, shares his inside story and how has been able to help him.

Ravi was an executive at a company and loved his job, but a diagnosis of broken rib changed all that. He was advised to wear a rib belt by his doctor in order to ease his pain. He recalls having called several online stores and brands. At 115kgs and a chest size of 140 cms, an XXL size was not enough. He needed a larger size.

“There was no brand to cater to my needs. I gave up hope.”

He accepted his only option was to continue his search and restrict movements. But even then, he couldn’t ease the tremendous pain while he waited to find a custom-sized Rib Belt. 

How helped Ravi

Ravi sounded worried when he called. He didn’t know if would be able to help, but as he conveyed his requirements, we assured him. 

 “They patiently heard my problem and helped me get my customized rib belt and had it delivered in 24 hours. 

I cannot even imagine that an eCommerce store would go out of their way for a customer when some of the more prominent brands did not, and this makes such a huge difference.

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate your service. I feel that you genuinely care about me and my situation. I have the utmost confidence in to handle all my future requirements, and I wanted you to know that I am a customer for life.” is NOT just an e-commerce website with finely curated products on health, wellness, fitness, and lifestyle products. We work to understand, and best serve the diverse needs of every customer with compassion.

Quality care is our priority. strives to provide excellent service and compassionate care. Our mission is to alleviate pain and spread wellness to everyone.

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