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Today we have with us Janvi Chitalia. She's an integrative Gut Microbiome Specialist, and Janvi is here to tell us how the Gut can play a huge role in improving or enhancing the brain health.


So, the gut primarily is your intestine it's a small and large intestine we are talking about. And we largely think that it only helps with digestion and breaking down our food which was essentially it really does. 

It actually houses and amazing universe or ecosystem of itself which is called the microbiome, and which basically actually has a combination of the good and bad bacteria all of them put together.

So the most important thing that I would suggest that you want to look at is there are a couple of ways to see the signs and symptoms that you have a Gut Health issue

The gut can really be you know imbalanced in the form of saying having constipation or having diarrhoea, having to go multiple times in the day, for having really hard stools, not being able to really pass satisfactorily, is one of main you know kind of way that you know the gut is imbalanced.

Then also we have gas and floating, which happens from time to time, especially a lot of people I think you know these days appearing that a lot of people who you know also teachers are sitting for a long time.

Then we have you know, you have skin issues, so, you have psoriasis, you have eczema, you have things like acne itching red boils, all of these can be related back to your gut, even having joint pain you know very very important about, Anchal.

A joint pain can have a major correlation with your gut health, so you know a lot of people who have stiffness of the neck stiffness of the ankles, the knees, or the back when they wake up in the morning also sit for a very long time right? 


These are very common these days. What you just mentioned are very common these days. 


So my top tip for you know that is:

that if you have half a teaspoon of Jeera 1 pinch of Hing, one pinch of ajwain in warm water and you reduce it to half, and you have it.

That's a great way to ensure maybe you can have it after your dinner - maybe an hour after your dinner. And do that as an everyday practice that may help you really well in being able to reduce your constipation


So one can have it twice a day?


Absolutely, one can have it twice a day. So ajwain is still a little heated - so you want to take half a teaspoon (half teaspoon is too much probably) gonna take one pinch if you want, or maybe eat the ajwain in the second time.

The second thing that I would love to share with you for inflammation if there is excessive inflammation, you can have half a teaspoon of Haldi, 1 pinch off pepper, one teaspoon of coconut oil or ghee in warm water, which is again great to really really help the gut and help the brain inflammation come down.

And without the paper and the Ghee or the coconut oil working fresh coconut oil; the healthy Curcumin from there cannot do much. So it's important, it is that you ensure that you put all of that into the water, and boil it, and you can then drink a concoction of that.

A very amazing thing that you can try and do to really calm your gut down - is to really be able to do something called diaphragmatic breathing. 

Diaphragmatic breathing is a beautiful way to ensure that you centre yourself before you eat a meal. That will help to bring down your brain inflammation that inflammation that will bring down you to be able to you centre yourself.


Would you like to show us the diaphragmatic breathing?


Yes diaphragmatic breathing specifically is nothing but, you know, if you are keeping your you can keep your hand on your chest right and on your stomach (so I am not going to show the whole thing but you can watch them) and then just breathe deeply all the way from your navel and come up, up and then exhale.

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