For Valentine’s Day, Think of Your Partner’s Health


Transform your relationship from great to greater — by giving your partner any of these five essential gifts.

The most valuable presents come from the heart. Your gift will reflect the care and appreciation you feel for your partner. This Valentine’s Day, it’s the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Sorgen Cool Pack: While it’s extremely sweet that your partner massages you if your body hurts, now’s the time to gift a Sorgen Cool Pack to return the loving gesture. It relieves sprains, sore muscles, swelling.

Designed to contour to the body

Remains colder for long and flexible when frozen for a better fit

Use to ease sprains, strains, muscle, and joint pain

Sorgen Everyday Support Socks: Proof that it’s possible to get quality support for your legs every day at an affordable price point. Now, a drive, a walk, a jog, or a shop won’t take its toll on your partner’s legs with Sorgen Everyday Support Socks. And while the black and beige color look is chic for everyday wear, they can feel the benefit of compression.

Stimulates blood flow back up the leg

Returns fresh oxygenated blood down the leg.

Moisture-wicking microfiber material  helps keep feet dry

Performance Calf Sleeves: Perfect for your partner on-the-go. The next time they go for an early morning or late-night run, you’ll feel better knowing that they can train harder, recover faster, and perform better with Sorgen Performance Calf Sleeves.

Graduated compression for better muscle support.

Breathable fabric providing moisture control

Improved stitch construction for ultimate comfort and fit

Compression Bamboo Socks: Ease his aches and pains from sports injuries, tough workouts. Sorgen Compression Bamboo Crew Length Socks is an ultra-supportive item that is essential in fast-paced sports.The bamboo infused socks contribute to breathability.

Anti-microbial properties; naturally reduce odours.

Provides comfort and support for all activities.

Freedom of movement

Knee Cap: No matter if your partner starts each day with a casual run or heads to the gym, they will benefit from a Sorgen Knee Cap. This black knee cap from Sorgen is even stylish enough for him to wear for work and play. Sorgen Knee Cap offers comfort and breathability while still providing joint support.

For balanced knee joints.

Everyday stability.


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