Ergonomics and Posture Management by Dr. Harish Badiger


Teaching in a new normal is very different. The education sector has seen a huge paradigm shift. Thank you so much, teachers, for doing so much what you are doing for us.

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Today we have with us Dr. Harish Badger, a physiotherapist with over 13 years in treating and providing physical therapy care with respect to Posture Ergonomics. 


Teachers have adapted so beautifully to such a difficult task absolutely online, which they were never used to. So will you please highlight the general guidelines for posture?

Dr. Harish:

  1. Choose a place which is very comfortable accessible and it is brightly lit wherever you are going to work - make sure there is good aeration. There is adequate fresh air blowing.
  2. Second, choose an appropriate device; not many teachers would have access to a laptop.

It's not too higher it's not too low where you are too excessively bent down constantly or look up because you are going to attain or sustain the position for straight 45 minutes throughout your zoom session. 

First, yes, the distance should be at least one arm distance. Second, try to be seated on a chair which has a firm base. Choose an appropriate chair which has an armrest.


We have handled a lot especially in the COVID Era of complaints from people that sitting long hours that has caused pain in the back. There is a product we have which is - a cold compression back brace.

There is Ice pack which can be frozen attached by velcro on the brace and then there is a pump to apply the pressure. Best for anyone sitting for long hours such as teachers and corporate professionals.


Right right even use of these blue screen filters and also might help teachers to adopt the visual strain as well.


Do you suggest it's a good idea to take frequent breaks? 


I think I would really recommend this after 20 minutes to give a minute or two for the Teachers or the children just to pause the session and walk around and come back that really helps.

And more importantly, teachers get that advantage to not go in the phase of the pain of stress by over holding poster for a longer period of time. They have back to back sessions. I think a frequent break is something which I would really recommend highly recommend.


Do you suggest any stretching along with the movement which needs to be done?


After every session, it's advised, yes, highly recommended after every session, move your neck, twist your arm, twist your spine, just walk around and come back, have a sip of water, and restart again for the next session after 15-20 minutes of break.


You mention there's one another question which I wanted to ask you like how to strike a balance between movement, diet, sleep, hydration, how do you do this?


No matter how much ever the intense work teachers are doing make sure, you have 3 or 4 meals nicely spaced out without compromising your routine. Increase your hydration levels. Make sure you have good 8 hours of sleep; you have ample movement.


Also, what are stressors, Dr. Harish? 

Dr. Harish:

Stressors could be any factor, Anchal, that's going to increase stress levels mentally and physically.

It could be anything it could be posture; it could be your chair your people around it could be your diet; it could be lack of sleep, I don't know. So it is every individual responsibility that they take consciously slow down and understand what the stressors are and see.

Whatever it could be, don't neglect your stressors, it could be mental or physical stressors. Take it very much seriously.


So what you suggest is (a) be aware of it consciously and (b) second is taking it seriously.

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