Do Compression Stockings Work?


The secret is in the FIT

For compression stockings to show its effects, they need to fit properly.

This isn’t like a pair of regular socks you buy from the store. Compression stockings must fit perfectly—both for the best compression for your feet and prevent discomfort.

To achieve that, you must have your legs measured, either at your doctor’s clinic or follow the guide sizing chart here. You can also come to our office where a trained fitter will take the measurement of your legs and after that suggest the correct pair for you.

Compression stockings should not be painful to wear; neither should it be loose enough to slide down. It must be tight enough to provide the adequate compression you need. The right size of your compression stockings is more important.

How do compression stockings work?

Compression stockings help in circulation by helping push blood up from your legs to your heart. Sorgen compression stockings provide graduated compression meaning it has maximum compression around the ankle and descending pressure towards the top of the stockings. This creates better venous pressure to curb swelling and fatigue.

The compression of the stockings is provided to imitate the pumping action of your muscles. When a person walks, muscles around and near the veins contract to easily force the blood upwards. Similarly, the compression stockings apply pressure for your vein valves to improve function.

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