Did you know chefs are at a higher risk for vein issues?


Chefs at higher risk for vein issues

Chefs, especially, near hot places while cooking, are straining their legs and are very inclined to develop varicose veins. Adding to this, heavy workdays put stress on your feet, and there is hardly any time to walk around. A few servers do walk around the restaurant to serve customers, and that extra blood flow can help a lot, yet many don’t get enough exercise compared with the time spent standing.

Wearing support socks can help your legs from getting tired and painful after a long day on your feet. They can ease swelling in your ankles and feet and prevent the development of spider veins and varicose veins.

If you currently have varicose veins or had them, you know that they can cause pain when untreated. But what causes varicose veins?

If you think you might be developing varicose veins, but you are uncertain, seek help from a doctor. The following symptoms of varicose veins are:

#1. Bulging – sometimes twisting of veins, veins appear blue or dark purple, common in legs, hands, and face
#2. Chronic sore, painful, heavy legs
#3. Swollen legs – some of the time accompanied by muscle cramping or burning sensation
#4. Skin ulcers or skin hardening
#5. Pain from prolonged standing or sitting
#6. Redness and discoloration of veins
#7. Itching around bulging veins

What causes varicose veins?

What causes varicose veins can vary. They range greatly from heredity, aging and pregnancy to obesity, menopause, pressure on the midsection and the more commonly known, sitting or standing for long periods of time.

Regardless of whether you are standing or sitting for hours at once, lack of movement can cause the one-way valves in the leg veins to weaken. They weaken because of muscles in the calf not contracting. Normally, the calf muscle helps these veins with one-way valves getting blood to the heart; and prevents blood from pooling. When there is lack of movement, blood pooling and varicose veins can happen.

What can you do?

You love your job – so changing your professional is not an option. Even if you wanted to change the way things are done at work, it could be difficult to do so. People with professions that involve extensive standing or sitting should consider wearing compression stockings, raise legs during breaks, avoid high heels. You must maintain a healthy weight and regular exercise to relieve extra pressure on veins.

Prevention is the best if you do have varicose veins, and you have seen your doctor, get in touch with us for your compression stockings today!

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