5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Mothers for relieving her pain


Being a mom is tough enough. However, being a mom with body pain, she must overcome unique struggles that make everyday life a lot harder.

Are you finding ways to tell your mom how much you appreciate her?

Browse through these last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas to express how thankful you are for who she is and all that she does for you despite her pain. This range of gifts is great for moms, mothers-in-law, grandmas, aunts, and other motherly figures. 

Here's how to honor them with Mother's day gift ideas:

Sorgen ® Cold Compression Knee Wrap - Send it straight to her door wherever she is. This wrap will slowly help her relax, re-energize when she needs most.

The wrap is designed for durability, and the soft-touch fabric cover feels gentle against the skin while providing compression around her knee. The cold gel pack provides cold therapy that will help her recover faster. The adjustable straps will achieve the most comfortable fit!

+ targets pain from an injury 

+ soothes her everyday knee pains 

+ maintains flexibility in her stiff joints 

+ boosts recovery

With this Sorgen ® Cold Compression Knee Wrap, you'll give her what she really wants: a pain-free knee to do everything she loves.

Sorgen ® Maternity Support Socks – Because every expecting mother needs a pair. It's easier to pay more attention to your baby when she isn't battling the swelling and pain in her legs.

Created with pregnant moms' health and comfort in mind, these maternity compression socks decrease swelling, prevent the formation of blood clots, and ease her leg aches and pains.  

These socks are exceptionally comfortable. They're also moisture-wicking, which will keep her feet and legs feeling fresh.

+ alleviates leg pains during pregnancy 3-9 months

+ promotes healthy circulation in feet and lower legs

Once you place your order for your expecting mom —breathe a sigh of relief — she will get the proper support her legs need.

Sorgen ® Premium Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins – She needs a new pair. Help her monitor her progress with the doctor; compression stockings must be replaced every six months.

When you gift her the Sorgen® Premium Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins, the premium Egyptian cotton blend will regulate temperature, leaving her sensitive skin feeling comfortable throughout the day.

Her legs will stay active and stay energized with the restoring graduated support. These stockings relieve discomfort from tired, achy legs and varicose veins.

Providing class II compression, this range of compression stockings for venous disorders have:

+ graduated compression

+ grip top

+ reinforced heel (doubled-stitched for added durability)

+ reinforced toe (doubled-stitched) and open toe design

Make great moments even greater minus the pain. You can rely on Compression Stockings from Sorgen® for uplifting her comfort and leg health.

Sorgen ® Compression Ankle Sleeves – Help her feel unrestricted from her ankle pain. The ankle sleeves are the ideal support for minor ankle sprains with compression to help reduce her swelling.

These sleeves not only will provide comfort but supports your mom's ankle and heel joint with a greater degree of movement. They fit comfortably under regular socks. She can wear it with her favorite shoes. It's the best ankle sleeves for a sprained ankle from sports or daily activities.

+ compression to reduce swelling

+ provides support during recovery

+ improves circulation

That means it's a solid gift for the mom who loves being on her feet but is restricted due to ankle and heel pain.

Sorgen ® Cold Compression Shoulder Wrap – Enter mom's new go-to pain relief wrap: This wrap will help pump away her shoulder pain and swelling with compression from the air pump and cold therapy from the cold gel pack.

Made to support her motion: walk, sit, or stand as she desires, this wrap will give her shoulders the treatment she needs while she is free to do her activities.

+ targets pain from an injury 

+ soothes her everyday shoulder pains 

+ maintains flexibility in her stiff joints 

+ boosts recovery

Choose any anatomically designed Sorgen® Cold Compression Wrap specially designed for her back, ankle, thigh, calf, hand, elbow, knee, including the shoulder. All have one goal in mind: to relieve her pain, encourage healing and support her motion.

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