5 common mistakes people make while wearing compression stockings


1.Folding your socks

Usually when the socks is longer than we require, we just fold it on the top. But remember in the case of compression stockings it has compression in it. When you fold it , you are doubling the compression at the point which can prove to be dangerous. The compression in the stockings assist the flow of blood to heart. By folding the stockings, you are increasing the pressure which is not advisable.

2. Preffering comfort over the sizing chart

The most common query we receive is the compression stockings feel little tight as compared to the usual socks. Compression Stockings are meant to be tighter than your normal wear socks. The tightness is the characteristic of the compression in the stockings. If you do not feel the slight tightness then do need to change the stockings. Many customers over rule the sizing chart and go in for a larger size for the comfort. This will not solve the purpose for which the stocking is worn.

3. Wearing a normal pair of socks over the compression stockings

Customers often ask us” do we need to wear our regular socks over the pair of compression stockings?”. NO. The compression stockings in itself acts as a normal sock as well. The fabrics are chosen keeping in might the comfort. But as precautionary measure to protect your compression stockings (as it is expensive) you may wear a regular sock on top of it. It is optional and not mandatory.

4. Wearing compression stockings in the night

Compression stockings help in assisting the flow of blood to the heart against gravity. While you are sleeping, your body is parallel to the ground. Wearing compression stockings while sleeping is not usually advisable. But there are exceptions in a few cases where the doctor has recommended the use of compression stockings

5. Wearing the same compression level for more than a year

As you all are already aware the compression stockings are classified in 3 different compression classes. Depending upon the reason, the doctor prescribes a particular compression level. It is always advisable to visit your doctor once in 6 months or even a year to confirm whether you still need the same compression level or need any change in the same.

Compression stockings might look very similar to a regular pair of sock. But please remember there are meant for a reason. Do not make any of these mistakes and wear them regularly for a faster recovery and a healthy life.

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