10 Things to Pack Before Travelling


#1. Comfortable Clothing

You should know what types of garments to pack. This depends on how you plan to travel, where are you going, what activities you intend for and how long is the trip. Aside from a few sets of comfortable clothes, add to it a comfortable pair of slippers. Prefer comfort over style, and you won’t think twice about it.

#2. Travel Socks

Wearing travel support socks for long travel will improve circulation in your legs and feet. Not to mention, they also prevent varicose veins and other issues.

Several studies have shown that sitting for over 90 minutes can decrease blood flow below the knees by 50 percent. This gives way to achy and even swollen legs. Sorgen Premium Travel Socks will help you feel energized right through your journey!

#3. Travel Documents

When traveling, do not neglect your documents. Ensure identity cards; tickets are in your bag. When going abroad, double check your passport. It is a good idea to have your driving license, travel insurance. While selecting a travel insurance plan, you should pick one that covers your health. You will have better peace of mind!

#4. Load up with Cash

If you think you don’t need cash in this digital age, you could be wrong. You need to have some cash and ATM cards whenever you spend a vacation in the country or abroad. Manage your money wisely.

#5. DIGI Stuff

No doubt you will take your camera with you, besides, remember to have extra memory for the camera. Ensure you have packed the camera charger and plug converter if you are about to travel to an international destination.

Laptops, tablets, iPads, cell phones, power banks, and MP3 players are items you would like to bring to your vacation destination. Most people think it is important to carry extra batteries and chargers for battery-operated devices.

#6. Find Your Way

At any trip, you must always carry hotel information, customer support number, and directions (if pre-booked). Heading off to a destination out of the blue is fun and adventurous. You may not find your way to the specific location you want as you may not have a guide. So, web mapping services like Google Maps and MapQuest and maps and guides are a must-have.

#7. First Aid Needs

Carry a first-aid kit, just in case. If you are traveling with children, you must. You can do your adventurous activities without worrying.

#8. Pass Times

If you are an avid reader, nothing serves as a better companion than a good book.  An e-book can help you unwind. Board games and card games can be a fun activity among friends and family.

#9. Carry Accessories

On a sunny day, you have to protect yourself against the sun. A sunscreen lotion, sunglasses are a must. The same applies if you go to the beach. Umbrella/raincoat are essentials in the monsoon. Carry zip-lock bags, safety pins, anti-bacterial wipes, write down important contact numbers.

#10. Healthy snacks

You can stay on track with your diet by packing healthy snacks. Dry snacks such as nuts, seeds, and dry fruits are possibly the best option that you can take when on vacation. You can also opt for granola bars, popcorn, digestive cookies. Tuck away these snacks in your bag so you can munch on them whenever, wherever.

No matter where you are headed – we hope you stay healthy and swell-free with Sorgen Travel Support Socks!

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